5 Life Lessons From the Book Journey


Hey loves,

I. can’t. believe. I’m. about. to. write. this. next. sentence.

We are FIVE days out from the launch of Choose Wonder Over Worry, and I keep crying, dancing, pinching myself, taking deep breaths, and cuddling the book.

5 Days.png

(Btw — If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, now is the time. Buying a book is like casting a vote—every one counts. Order here.)

The journey of this book has thrust me into the greatest initiation and learning experience OF MY LIFE, and I’m only beginning to unpack the lessons.

While they’re fresh, I wanted to share five:

Let it be easy. I’ve noticed myself discounting the things I’m strong at — media interviews, writing, brand positioning, pitching, connecting, etc. — because they come more naturally to me. It’s illuminated a story I buy into that “this process has to be hard,” and “if it’s not hard, I’m not doing enough.” (Which is total b.s.) When I notice that I’m making things unnecessarily difficult, I’ll step back and ask: What if this was easy?

Optimize for energy. When I complete something on my to-do list, I note E (energizing), N (neutral), and D (draining) next to each item. If it’s energizing, I note to do more of it. If it’s neutral, I see if I can delete or delegate. And if draining, I get curious about why it was draining, and see if I can correct or delegate in the future. Life-changing, I tell you.

“Does this really matter?” is a valuable question to ask multiple times every day. This became quite evident to me when I threw a fit after the wrong size mailers arrived. “Does this really matter?” I asked myself after I threw them across the room. “No, Amber. This is very, very unimportant. Calm down.”

Done is better than perfect. I know. I’ve heard this a million times before, too. BUT HOT DAMN IS IT HARD TO FOLLOW. I’m I’m not careful, I will endlessly tweak and adjust, but not finish. Finish the damn thing. Put it out there. Strive for the highest quality, sure, but follow through is what counts.  

Rejection is like the color pink. When we don’t follow through, a fear of rejection might be lingering. Per my soul sis Ash Ambirge, “You are either a person who loves the color pink, or you cannot stand the color pink. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the color pink. It’s just our preferences that makes us love it or hate it. How sad would it be if pink didn’t exist because one person didn’t like it, or it tried to be a faded version of itself?”

In short: Go on with your bad pink self, finish what matters most, follow the flow of energy, and let that shit be easy.


p.s. Many of you keep asking how you can help with the book launch. (THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU.) Here are four ways that will make a huge difference. It takes a village, so I appreciate your support.

p.p.s. Live in New York? We’re having a wonder launch at powerHouse Arena next Thursday, May 19 from 7-9 p.m. I’d love to celebrate with you! RSVP here.

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Amber Rae