Celebrate Your Progress


Have you ever made a list of the things that terrify you, and then committed to actually doing them?

Yesterday I chatted with Sarah, who's doing exactly that.

Sarah just returned from a trip to Alaska, where she attempted a thousand mile dog sledding journey through the Yukon Territory in -20 degree weather. (Whoa!)

Part way through her journey, she got hypothermia and had to cut the expedition short. When I asked Sarah what the experience taught her, I was struck by her words. She said:

Anything you attempt to do is going to have small failures in it. Even though I quit, I had an incredible and brave experience that I otherwise would have never had. Not getting what I wanted—even though I got close—taught me to be gentle with myself.

Maybe you can relate with something in your own life?

Sarah's words reminded me to celebrate our progress, and honor the steps we take in the face of fear just as much as the results we create.

This has me wonder: What progress can you celebrate today?


Amber Rae