The Ultimate Hack is Enthusiasm


“I’m exhausted.”

“This workload is never-ending.”

“I want to cry.”

(That was me last week. Except there were a lot more swear words.)

I was so caught up in the details that I lost sight of the bigger picture and the “why” behind the work I do.

Ever have a day like that?

In the midst of what felt like a dark never-ending hole, I came across an episode on the Being Boss podcast with Tara Gentile on the power of enthusiasm.

As Tara said, “the ultimate hack is enthusiasm.”


When we make the thing that we have to make, the thing that we can’t not make, that's what spreads and gets the most traction. That’s what serves our soul and serves the world. When we’re enthusiastic, it feeds our work, and it feeds other people too.

Her perspective of enthusiasm encouraged me to look at everything on my plate, and wonder:

Where is my enthusiasm pointing me?

What is not exciting, and what would make it fun?

And now I turn to you and ask the same.

Follow your enthusiasm. Let yourself have fun.

Amber Rae