Are You Living a Lie?


I was sitting in a crowded workshop room wondering why I was there.

Author Cheryl Strayed hits the stage.

(Ok, this is why I'm here.)

Every hair on my body stands up as she says: 

Do you tell your journal the truth?

In other words: Do you tell yourself the truth?

Ummm... I think so. Sort of. Usually. Totally. Maybe?

A lump in my throat starts to form. 

Every recent instance of avoiding my true feelings, hiding from what wasn't working, and dishonoring my real desires flashes through my mind like bolts of lightning.

An obvious, yet powerful revelation rumbles through me: when I don't tell myself the truth, I can't actually live my truth. 

Where in my life am I lying to myself?, I wonder. 

And why?

Fear is why.

Fear of change.
Fear of growth.
Fear of getting hurt. 
Fear of losing respect. 
Fear of not belonging. 
Fear of what happens next.
Fear of losing control.
Fear of gaining too much.
Fear of my own light.
Fear of being wrong.
Fear of being right.

So. much. fear.

Here’s the thing about fear, though... as much as fear says, “This is scary and I don’t want to go there,” fear also says, “you’re scared because this is important and you must go there in order to grow." 

Are you telling yourself the truth? 

And more importantly: where are you lying? 

The truth always reveals itself. 

When we own the lie, we own the story.

And when we own the story, we get to write the courageous ending.

I know you have it in you.


p.s. Today is National Write Your Story Day, which I’d like to rename as National Own Your F’ing Truth Day. To celebrate, we’ve launched a private “Wonder Tribe” group. (You can think of it as a safe space with kindred spirits to get real and talk about truth, lies, and everything in between.) To kick things off, we invite you to tell a story: what truth you've been avoiding, what lie you're owning, and the courageous ending you're committing to create. (Juicy, right?!) Share your story here, and I'll randomly pick one person to gift a signed copy of the book come May.


Amber Rae