Make the Most of Today


I was on a call with my coaches yesterday — reflecting on 2017 and declaring what I want for 2018 — when they stopped me and said:

“There are four days left in 2017. If these were the last four days of your life, how would you live them out?”


As I began to answer their question, I noticed myself using one key phrase.

“Yes, but...”

Yes, but... I already have a lot on my plate right now.

Yes, but... I’m with family and I want to rest.

Yes, but... I want the website to be perfect before I make the big ask.


“Yes, but” is how we play small.

“Yes, but” is how we make excuses.

“Yes, but” is when we sit squarely in our zone of comfort and never inch closer toward our dreams.

“Yes, but” was my worry voice chiming in when I felt afraid of rejection and putting myself out there.

With the support of my coaches, “Yes, but” became “YES, AND."

Yes, and... this is most important right now.

Yes, and... here’s my immediate next step.

Yes, and... here’s what I need to move forward.

Yes, and... here’s who I’ll reach out to make magic with RIGHT NOW.


It's one simple phrase that can move us beyond fear and doubt and in the direction of what matters most.

It's your turn.

There are three days left in 2018. Imagine these are the last three days of your life. How will you live them out?

What unresolved conversations will you address?

What unspoken words will you express?

Where have you been afraid, and what steps will you take to propel yourself more powerfully into 2018?

Now is the time. This moment is yours. Let’s make magic, together.

Amber Rae