When Do You Play Small?


Before I fully committed to writing my book, I had some soul-searching to do. I felt in my heart that I had to get the message of “choosing wonder over worry” out there, and yet...I couldn’t seem to find the time and focus to sit down and actually write.

As I explored the "why” behind my lack of commitment through journaling, I was stunned when the words, “You’re playing small, and I’m sick of it” came out on the page.  

That wise voice within me was right.

I had been choosing work that felt comfortable instead of this work that felt important.

I had been spreading myself so thin across projects to avoid going all in on one for fear that it wouldn’t work out.

I had been saying to myself, “I’ll get around to that one day…”

But “one day” kept getting pushed out.

That’s when a mentor asked me: What would going all in look like for you?

It was as clear as day: write the book, spark the movement, spread the Wonder word as far and wide as possible. I knew it, and all I had to do was trust and leap.


Maybe you can relate with something that feels near and dear to you?

If so—let me ask you this: Where are you playing small? What would going all in look like for you today? This week? This month? This year?

This moment is yours. This life is yours. Let’s give it our all.

Amber Rae