Read This When You're Wondering, "How Do I Trust Myself?"


I’m in the middle of a deep soul convo with an emerging artist who just quit her day job when she says: “Now I’m being told to listen to myself and I don’t even know what that means.”

My ears perked. My heart warmed. My eyes focused. “Tell me more…” I encouraged.

“I feel like I’m walking in the dark and don’t know the next step,” she said. “My whole life everyone told me what to do and now I don’t trust myself because I’ve been listening to others for so long.”

Tuning in and listening. Creating your own way. Taking action. Building self-trust.

Where do you even begin?


The colors that speak to you. The sounds that soothe you. The countries that enliven you. The art that captivates you. The food that nourishes you. The music that enraptures you. The relationships that enliven you. The reads that stimulate you.

When you feel pulled is your soul’s ways of saying, “Hey!!! Listen!!! I’m speaking to you!!!”

Break that inspiration down. Look for patterns. Pull out soul insights.



The conversations that stress you. The relationships that pain you. The stories that hurt you. The comparisons that stall you. The mistakes that haunt you. The places that scare you. The actions you avoid.

Where you feel tension in your life is your soul’s way of saying, “Hey!!! Pay attention!!! I have wisdom for you.”

Open up to the pain. Look for patterns. Set yourself free.

Whether your heart opens or closes, whether you step into flow or experience anxiety, whether you feel overwhelming trust or feel unbearable doubt, these are all clues for your journey.

The key is not to name your experiences as “good” or “bad” or “right” or “wrong.” It’s an ongoing ebb and flow. A raveling and an unraveling. A step forward and a step back.

When we stop trying to figure out who or what to listen to, and we become present to where we feel drawn, it makes the process of building self-trust and navigating the unknown a whole lot easier.

To an ever-evolving path. And creating the space to hear ourselves.

Amber Rae