Children's Book

'Samuel and the Monster'

Project Description

Are you having problems sleeping?  

‘Samuel and the Monster’, my debut picturebook, was written and illustrated after six months of my then four year old, Samuel, experiencing terrible nightmares. Overnight - with the help of the actions and the message in the story - we eradicated his nightmares. The result? One happy child sleeping through the night and two very happy parents!    
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Come and join in the mischief!

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

My intention in Creative Alchemy was to complete my second children’s book, ‘Penelope Peach & Frida Pineapple’, whose guiding theme is compassion. But it turned out I had a LOT still to learn about this: during the ten weeks of our workshop, I became bedbound with a mystery illness. I started to learn to listen more to what my body was telling me: to make friends with my illness, to understand what it was trying to tell me and to be more gentle with myself. I believe it is only when I truly listen to what this illness is trying to tell me that I will complete the book.

Artist Bio

Alexia Pinchbeck is a writer, illustrator and picturebook maker. Her colorful, character-led picturebooks help children build emotional resilience with their characters, words and actions. She brings a generous helping of joy, giggles and the odd silly shouty voice to 2-5 year olds across the land (and their in-house readers!).