Community; Book

The Life’s Work of Communal Co-Creation

Project Description

This co-creation is a gift - a book! - that weaves together stories of gratitude and gentle advice from one community to another. Our contributors are my classmates of 2011 as we approach our 10 year anniversary and reflect on our journeys since. We’ll gift this book to the graduating class of 2021 in my hometown as a friendly resource for their journeys onward. I’m serving as lead facilitator and editor of this co-creation and am documenting my process to support other community leaders who would like to replicate this process (or simply crave inspiration) for their community-facing projects - links below!

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

It is wildly encouraging as a community builder to steward a project FOR community while immersed IN a community experience herself. I cherish how the Creative Alchemy environment has given us an illuminated container to witness mirrors and embodied reminders all around us. It’s the magic in everyday mirroring that brings me endless ah-has of recognition and universal connection… To see yourself in another’s project, to celebrate your wins in incredible company, and to know that the thing you’re creating has been touched by the very thing it aims to serve (community). That magic has surrounded us the whole way through.

Artist Bio

Ali LIVES to envision, invite, & deliver on communal delight & transformation in all ways. My life's work unfolds as a facilitator for transformative experiences, a contributor to missions of culture shift + movement building, a visual artist, a writer, & a changemaker in/with/for community. Visit my work at