Insufferable Sweetness (demo)

Project Description

The first five years of my adult life have been a mess. I keep waiting for myself and my work to be perfect to start showing up, but perfection simply isn’t possible and it isn’t human. And I want to be in the business of creating deeply human work. I’ve been experimenting with new sounds and I want to share what my journey of experimentation looks like. This is a song quite simply about infatuation. I wrote it back in April 2020 and decided to finish it with an old Berklee professor of mine while we dusted off my old production skills together. It’s a very ambient, short n sweet lil’ piece. Check out my demo here.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

I am following the breadcrumbs of “Ooh, that sounds fun,” and I trust that in finding play, the bigger project will come.

Artist Bio

Lifelong musician and Berklee College of Music graduate. singer/writer/producer.