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Inner Conversations

Project Description

Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself, unsure what is stirring inside you and where it’s coming from? Come along the journey of Inner Conversations to tune in to the characters of our inner worlds and move towards feeling whole once again.

I'm working on whimsical, relatable comics and stories that guide us to finding harmony with all the different parts of ourselves that make us who we are. Follow along on Instagram to get the latest updates on my work and watch this project unfold!

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

When I took art classes growing up, we practiced techniques and usually tried to replicate an image or scene as closely as possible. Through Creative Alchemy, I learned how to let go of my old ideas of making my artwork "right," and instead lean in to what felt joyful and true to me. It was through the process and practice of spending more time looking inward and listening to my mind and body - recognizing the different voices, beliefs, and feelings - that the idea for Inner Conversations was born. Rather than seeing my struggles as hindering my creation of "perfect" artwork, I now strive to get curious, listen, and work through it all in my work. Creative Alchemy not only taught me so much about the creative process, but it also taught me about myself and helped me deepen my own mind-body connection, and I now hope to help others do the same through my work!

Artist Bio

My life's mission is to empower others, which I hope to do through connection, creativity, and teaching. Thank you for seeing me!