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Elements of the Heart

Project Description

Elements of the Heart is a convergence of two projects in parallel, distinct in mediums, but the stories are interwoven. My project weaves together the way I “make” with what I write.
First, “You are Magic” is the beginning of a collection I am making of handmade ceramic and woodworking pieces.  This personal mantra reflects the healing that is possible when we believe in ourselves.

Second, a memoir I am writing.  The 5 elements representing 5 women. Braided together by lessons of the heart, and heartbreaks. The flow of water, the heat of fire, the chill of air, the strength of wood, the majesty of Earth.  This memoir reflects the deep soul work and lessons from our past partnerships that beckon excavation. Are you brave enough to listen?
These projects are a collection of those moments of truth-- my truth, universal truths-- offering day to day clues as reminders from my heart.  There is magic in every story. There is magic in healing. You are magic… what a lesson.

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My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

In a conversation with my Wise Self: You really have to believe in you, Amanda. Like REALLY believe. Believe in your impact. Believe in your power. Believe in your MAGIC. As a child, you dreamt of being Peter Pan. You climbed every tree, tossed glitter in your hair like pixie dust, and swore you'd figure out how to fly one day. Channel your inner Peter. Find your happy thought. Hold it in your heart. Then LEAP. Fly Amanda! Let the magic happen. It's in you. It’s all around. I know you feel it. Amanda, let it free.

Artist Bio

Amanda is an alchemical artisan working with different mediums to create magic. Weaving together visual arts with the written word, her creative energy is channeled into storytelling, woodworking, ceramics, and photography. Pure of heart, with an innate gift for healing, Amanda shows us how being true to our own heart connects us to one another, and to the magic deep within.