Inspirational Book

Dream & Start & Act

Project Description

Dream & Start & Act is a book for those struggling to learn a foreign language.

Inspired by Creative Alchemy and based on 20 years of my professional experience while teaching people from different fields, this book will lead my readers through 3 stages:

- 7 short stories about characters who, in spite of their speaking fears, had a big dream

- 70 journaling questions

- 100 tips how to learn

With this book you won’t struggle with languages anymore, you will surrender.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

Visualisation is a great tool to write in the flow and be reunited with my Wiser Self. My best writer is the one who lives within me, waiting to be talked to and listened to. Clarity is a sign of transformation.

Artist Bio

12 years ago I started my first language school in Ukraine which gradually grew into the SARGOI community for learners and teachers with mighty mission to help people grow through languages. Now based in Italy I keep serving SARGOI community by teaching and coaching.