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The Art of Lost & Found Podcast

Project Description

The Art of Lost and Found is a podcast that explores creative recovery and transformation. The core idea is simple: Every one of us is creative, even if we don’t believe it yet. Creativity is in our nature. The key is re-learning how to access and use it as your own superpower.

Join Creative Amplifier, Brooke Estin on a creative journey to explore stories and uncover insights, resources and tools to help you align your most creative, purposeful life.

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My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

After nearly 5 years of spinning around the question of how to professionally define myself with a single title, I decided to email 20 of my closest friends asking them what my “superpower” was. Everyone’s answers pointed to the same thing: my empathetic blending of creativity, strategy and design to bring ideas to life. In essence, I discovered I'm a Creative Amplifier.

Artist Bio

Brooke Estin is a California-born, Thailand-raised, Spain-living “Creative Amplifier”. She is an award winning artist, designer, strategist and coach dedicated to bringing creative ideas to life. Whether at high-tech companies in SIlicon Valley or non-profits in rural Nepal, her superpower is in blending creativity, strategy and design to bridge the gap between ideas and reality.