Journey to Balance

Project Description

Journey to Balance is a holistic leadership development program that focuses on building the foundation for balanced leadership. If you find yourself stressed, burnt out and dissatisfied with old ways of working, this program helps you unlock a new kind of leadership. Imagine a new paradigm of leadership that shifts the dynamics from competition to collaboration, and from hierarchy to harmony, with an integrated, eco-system approach. It all starts with YOU and creating your own internal sense of balance.

Download a taste of my program via the link below.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

Amber helped me realise that my journey is my message, and that my experience makes what I’m offering unique. I suddenly saw my story reflected in others struggles in so many ways - it compelled me to turn my past experience into a survival guide for others going through burnout.

Artist Bio

Eva is a holistic leadership coach - she helps the next generation become better leaders by managing stress, preventing burnout and finding balance. Her work combines insights from her own experience of stress and burnout as well as her studies in yoga, holistic wellness and leadership.