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Oddball Tales - Come meet the women of my land

Project Description

Have you shied away from your gifts and talents, finding excuses to avoid your path? You are not alone. For long, I forced myself to write in ways that were suffocating me; I am now learning to truly embrace my writing gift, channelling tales that come to me through dreams. My stories and my journey as a writer live in their online home as a multimedia newsletter and blog; if you are a fellow story lover and inspiration seeker, you are welcome! Follow the link below for a sample.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

I don't need to write every day. Wherever writers congregate, online or offline, Daily Writing Practice is the gospel and the only Way. Failing for years to have a Daily Writing Practice, I felt I was no writer. Creative Alchemy guided me to embrace my nature: I am a writer, and I won't write every day. Learning that I needed to miss writing, to yearn for it, made me fall in love with writing again. I am now creating my own writing practice, through trial and learning, finding ways to keep the flame burning. My writing gift is now free to manifest.

Artist Bio

Francesca is a writer channelling the stories that come to her, usually through dreams. She believes in stories as the ultimate vessel of connection and writing is her main contribution to this universal human experience. She also loves to tap into the roots of storytelling through visual and spoken art.