Organizational Culture Change

Project Description

Through empathy, courage, and conversation, I cultivate spaces where individuals feel comfortable and celebrated as themselves and are able to thrive authentically. I offer Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB), Organizational Culture, and Change Management solutions. As a Certified Culture Facilitator, I am dedicated to improving your organization’s health by exploring collective regard and social norms to identify any root issues and partner with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to support sustainable and meaningful changes. I customize a strategy to each organization to ensure an environment conducive to cultural change.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

I initially joined Creative Alchemy focused on my professional life, but quickly realized that the creative journey impacts all facets of my life. Through this aha! moment, I was able to integrate the lessons of Creative Alchemy holistically and grow in multiple aspects of my life, including understanding how I make decisions every day. As a part of this community, I have seen first-hand how we are all on our own unique journey and we must cultivate the courage to pursue the life we are called to.

Artist Bio

Hannah May (she/her/hers) is an inclusive, reliable, and passionate leader dedicated to executing meaningful changes in organizations to create, foster, and sustain cultures where individuals can thrive authentically, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership & Management and certifications in Culture Facilitation and Diversity & Inclusion. She’s actively involved in FIRST Robotics as a mentor to high school students and as Indiana’s Senior Judge Advisor, where she works to create equitable and inclusive judging and learning environments for all students. While she currently lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, you can frequently find her in New York City attending Broadway productions.