Illustration, Book

Drawing Dreams Into Life

Project Description

I’d been stuck for years--dreaming of writing but blocked by self doubt. With Creative Alchemy magic, I’m now creating my story:

> "By conventional standards, Jamie Lin has everything she needs to be happy—husband, house, kids, career—everything, that is, except happiness. In search of that missing spark, she stumbles into a new dimension where her childhood imagination is actually real. Trapped between imagination and reality, Jamie must face—and befriend—her innermost demons to find the way to her true home."

Join me on Instagram @jennytan.artlab as I journey along the creative path, drawing dreams into life!

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

I’d struggled alone for so long to be a creative writer. Learning through Amber and my fellow creative alchemists, I’ve discovered that my personal creative flow comes from *drawing* my story first before *writing* it! This aha! and the support of creating in community with others have been the greatest unlocks for a joyful creative process.

Artist Bio

Jenny draws, paints, and writes. She makes comics about her creative journey on her quest to create a graphic novel, and about balancing creativity with daily life.