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Letters to the Blooming Wallflower

Project Description

To the fellow wallflowers and soft hearts that feel pressure to harden or hide to “make it” in this hardened world, I write a series of letters. I write as a pen pal planting roots in that thorny world, wanting to show that there is a place and need for you within it. The bud must break for the petals to blossom- will you bless this world with your bloom? Here, I send you my first pen pal invitation. Before we begin, I will offer you my Heart-to-Heart Questionnaire to begin a conversation with your own heart. At the end, you are invited to accept as my newest pen pal by signing up for my mailing list. You’ll be able to follow along through email as my pen pal and access to my blog. Let’s begin this dialogue, embark on this journey, and start this gentle revolution together.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

A coincidental conversation with a soul-sister led me to realize that I’m not the only one having encounters of being called “Too Soft” to survive in this tough world. Recently, I was offered a spot to plant my roots into a supervisor role at the hospital in which I work as a cardiac nurse. Being the tender heart that I am, I was apprehensive about pursuing it - I was being “Too Shy” about it. But then I realized, I have a chance to step into this leadership role to learn, navigate, and prove that not only can we survive, but also we can allow ourselves (and even others) to thrive. From out there in the hardened world, I realized I could write home to other soft hearts, and we could go on this journey together.

Artist Bio

A heart led writer, a believer in softness as strength, a heart nurse, and a flower child navigating this thorny hardened world. As I to plant my roots into a leadership role, I hope to share my journey along the way of how softened hearts not only have a place in this world, but also that they are needed now more than ever.