Poetry, Love, Healing

It takes heart

Project Description

Welcome to a creative glimpse of a quest into the dark heart of gold, a place where the purest alchemist reigns.
The heart is our holy grail, our inner compass, our wild truth.
It tests our devotion to life with every intuitive nudge it delivers and every threshold it invites us to move beyond.
The heart's commanding beat requires respect for our sovereign rhythm. 
When followed, we break, we heal, we grow and we evolve. 
Living wholeheartedly means being defiance and submissive, all at once.  
"It takes heart" invites you to retrieve the medicine required to love, fall and get back up, over and over...to become the ultimate lover.
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My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

Creating requires devotion, dedication, openness and action, no matter what. It's not a negotiation, to listen to the muse is an act of surrender and submission. For me, 2020 came with quantum heartbreak and radical love. I learned to navigate both while serving clients as a health professional on the emotional and energetic front lines of the pandemic. I weaved my grief into poetry and communed more deeply with the power of my heart than ever before. I've learned that our creative selves require an intimate relationship and to know it well transforms all relationships. Which is truly what "It takes heart" is all about.

Artist Bio

Laura Griffiths is a professional multi-dynamic coach, intuitive and healer. She specializes in various forms of somatic therapy, trauma work, energy medicine, communication and leadership expertise along with love, intimacy and relationship counselling. She's worked with international artists and global impact leaders for over 10 years. Her clients often describe their experiences with her work as “pure magic”