Live Vibrantly with Chronic Illness

Project Description

Traditional medicine failed me, so I decided to take my health into my own hands. In doing so, I have become a guinea pig, my own clinical trial, in this journey I am on. Having suffered for many years with multiple chronic illnesses, I have learned that what speaks to my soul the most is helping people thrive versus just survive with chronic illness.  The book I am writing is the culmination of how I learned to advocate for myself and live vibrantly and is a means to encourage to do the same.  This book is for you, your family, neighbor, best friend, partner, barista, boss, bus driver, teacher, cashier. It’s for anyone that has or will suffer from a chronic illness (40% of the US currently).  You probably know someone that struggles or has struggled with some form of chronic illness. If you could help them, wouldn’t you? 

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

People deserve better access to readily available knowledge that can help them move through life vibrantly instead of merely just existing. I have been a vocal advocate to those around me for years, providing resources and treatment plans that help facilitate an improved quality of life. I finally decided I needed to create that same level of advocacy but on a larger scale. To not limit those I can help to the people immediately around me when I have the opportunity to help so many more. My goal is to help people struggling with chronic illness avoid the same failures I experienced by traditional medicine; while also encouraging them to seek out alternative therapies, medicines and practitioners that truly work and can yield tangible results.

Artist Bio

Free-spirited, nature loving girl redefining what chronic illness "looks" like and choosing to live vibrantly while doing so. I strongly believe in being your own health advocate and I am constantly breaking boundaries with non-traditional therapies and plant medicines.