Creative Movement

Moving Spirit

Project Description

Moving Spirit is a look into the creative process with an exploration of the body. Through a series of psycho-physical exercises the body acts as a tool to discover those spaces in between. By collaborating with other artists, using my storytelling and movement theatre expertise, I want to engage in the art of losing one's self to release the worlds within us. Spirit is alive; when we put it into motion we can transform the energy around & within us - it's a celebration! Ready to explore? Join my newsletter to receive a free offering to jumpstart your creative flow practice.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

I arrived to Creative Alchemy with the initial idea of a writing series focusing on 'art as a spiritual practice'. How to write about this topic wasn’t clicking. Then, I realized what I *must do* had been sitting right in front of me the whole time - use my movement teaching and practice. So, I put the Art is a Spiritual Practice" into motion and two projects alchemized into something greater than I imagined. The sweet moment of aha! was knowing that I can trust my knowledge and wisdom; it's all within me. Plus the bliss behind my art - my movement - is most certainly my spiritual practice, and I am here to share.

Artist Bio

I am a Movement Theatre Specialist and Actor helping others expand their light by igniting the body through movement. By revisiting this joy of movement, and unlocking the inner-child, I provide guidance on how reconnecting to the psychophyscial body is a significant aspect of the artistic process to accessing a deeper creative flow.