Children's Book

Sentipensante (sensing-thinking)

Project Description

@senti\_\_pensante showcases stories that can be brought to life as we unlearn old narratives and shatter stifling illusions. In the first series, I will share the creative process of my current project: a 3-part children’s book meant for all ages. The books will follow the story of two characters learning to challenge the voices that hold them back from living an authentic life. They remind us that perfection isn’t attainable, control does not equal safety and surrender isn’t always easy. 

Follow my journey on @senti\_\_pensante and DM me your thoughts: how did happiness become about being the right you, instead of the _true_ you?

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

Journal entry - March 15th, 2021. “My story has gotten to be a lot more layered than I could have imagined. The more I create space for it and nurture it, the more it reveals back to me. It has been truly magical - and admittedly, sometimes frightening - to just witness it come to life and blossom into something I honestly don't even fully know what it is yet! What I do know is this: I AM my story. I AM my book. I AM my project, as it is ME. And it is FROM me, as it is FOR me. As I co-create, and watch my story take shape, I know that I'm also uncovering new parts of me and stepping into deeper realms of my identity. This (…) serves as a reminder that my story is meant to exist and be told.”

Artist Bio

Narriman is a writer and recovering workaholic who is unapologetically complex. Inspired by the Sentipensante philosophy, her writing breaks the tension between thinking and feeling, and explores a world where the two can coexist. By allowing her work to reflect her messy humanness, Narriman invites us to experience our innermost thoughts and feelings staring back at us from the page. She calms our contradictions and inner paradoxes in her relatable quest for the balance between taking life too seriously, and not seriously enough.