Playful Creativity

Ode to Playfulness

Project Description

When did being childish become an insult? If being a kid is the purest thing I have ever experienced in my life.

Hours in nature I explored a field of treasures: my mom’s garden. I collected small discoveries that daily became my main source of creativity. I observe the butterflies, I pressed flowers between my books, I fearlessly climb the trees, to draw from the top of them. I was a light in motion.

Am I still?

My creativity has been at the service of productivity. I didn't fully allow myself to create just for the sake of it, with pure joy. I turned off. I forgot what genuine play felt like.

This series has been my antidote to the way back home, playing and exploring to unblock and heal my intrinsic creativity. Then I remember, I never stop been the light; I just needed to engine the motion.

If your inner child feels like exploring the journey with me, come say hi here and here

Would genuinely love to hear from you :-)

- Niki

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

Curiosity is enough to engine the motion. Listen. Dance is the medicine to move between lights and shadows. Listen. If your body asks for it, gently listen. There is no hurry, only a soul that caresses you. Listen.

Artist Bio

Nicola FV Keysselitz (Madrid / Berlin) is a multidisciplinary artist that dances between design, photography, and art (writing and visual formats). She co-creates with artists and entrepreneurs to make their ideas come to life and currently teaches design and creativity at the University of Arts UEM.