Pregnancy, Presence, & Surrender.

Project Description

This one is for the mothers. Life begins with you and would not exist without you. So why is it that we leave our well being for last? Even in pregnancy, we focus most on the to-dos and the to-buys. With a practice of meditation & mindfulness, it was pregnancy that gave me the ultimate lesson in surrender. I realized just how much was out of my control and the present moment was a gift to let down my walls of resistance. Learning how to embrace the changes of my body, the one thousand thoughts of worry for my baby, and how my partner acted during the journey to name a few. I leaned into less forcing and more opening to acknowledge life as it unfolded. Leave behind your lists, comparison with the perfect next door mama and step into presence and inner connection through stories, reflections and guided meditations.

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My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

On my creative journey, I noticed there is always the option of the path of least resistance. I could easily choose to give up and leave the project behind, but I found that if I chose to write just one more sentence or some days even just one word that created enough forward momentum. As Newton's law says, a body in motion stays in motion. "Just keep moving" became my daily mantra and remembering the journey is way more than just the outcome.

Artist Bio

As a meditation teacher, Payal has traveled the world to share the transformative power of presence and deep listening. From entrepreneurship to corporations to universities, her work has been a driving force in bringing meditation to modern culture. Payal’s thoughtfully crafted immersive experiences invite self-discovery, inspire transformation and creativity, and provoke meaningful connection.