The Awakening Motherhood Project

Project Description

You know all those things that feel scary and overwhelming to talk about as a mother: like how we deal with our anxiety, our body image, our failures, and the expectations?  

Ten years ago, I would have skipped over these topics in a flash.  I didn’t know better.  But today, I do.  So I’m talking about them.  

I’m Rachael - a recovering high-achieving, people-pleasing momma, who thought I had to do it all to be “worthy” and “successful.”  I created The Awakening Motherhood Project to break down the masks we wear and allow the light in.  

What are we teaching our children, and ourselves, if we only run until we crash?  

What are we teaching our girls about body image when we negatively speak about one another?  

Why are we not talking about motherhood more honestly?  How lonely it can be.  How magical it can be.  How we can help each other.    

My children are my guinea pigs in this motherhood experiment as we test ideas around where to find joy, honesty and humor.  By listening to our souls, we have the power to create our truest life.  I’ve learned that it’s just as much about how we raise our children as how we are raising each other.  

Find me on Instagram @rachael_amarante and sign up for my emails via the link here to join me on this journey.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

About halfway through this journey, wildflowers started to appear everywhere in my vision work. My wise self and the Creative Alchemy family reminded me what they stand for. I knew immediately what path was meant for me.

Artist Bio

I had a bit of an internal crisis and left the professional world I knew. Now, I’m making apple crumble and earthing with my four boys. I have found a new way to be a mother. Illustration created by Cathy Polesak.