Non-Fiction Writing

Reclaiming My Voice

Project Description

This is an excerpt about reclaiming our voices as women through dismantling our inner patriarchy and misogyny, and calling everyone into this sacred work. It was inspired by witnessing how my own conditioning robbed me of my voice and left me silent after experiencing sexual assault. When I finally began to open up to the women in my life about my experience I was able to witness that I wasn’t alone in my experience, allowing me to tap into my sacred anger and reclaim my voice. This is for anyone who has ever felt they couldn’t speak up. Ready to dismantle your inner patriarchy & reclaim your sovereignty? Say hello on IG @rachael.bradbury if my writing resonates with you.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

This piece that has been burning within me to be written for many months. But it wasn't until I engaged in a recent womb healing that I was able to fully experience potency of giving a voice to it, not only for myself but for anyone else who has experienced something similar.

Artist Bio

Rachael is a coach, writer, and ultimate hype woman who helps passionate creatives & entrepreneurs reclaim their voice. She is the host of the #1 spiritually explicit podcast, #relatable, and loves travelling the world as a dual citizen of Canada & the UK (when it’s safe).