Walk in Fullness

Project Description

At its core, this series is about reclamation. It is the story of stepping back from old programming to write a new code. 

Vibrant colors celebrate emotional liberation. 
Large canvases invite a sense of expansion. 
Aggressive and untamed brushstrokes signify themes of chaos and collision. 
Experimentation with textures and layering communicate the richness and density of the stories that make up our identities. 

Together, these pieces map my search for wholeness, and are a record of my refreshed commitment to living the integration of _all_ of who I am.

I invite you to visit my website to check out the full series. Thank you.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

Mid-way through 2020, I was struggling deeply with my mental health. I felt entirely disconnected from myself, my identity, and my purpose. I didn’t reach out for help for months, but when I finally did, I was uninterested to approach healing the same way as before. I was cracked open already and I knew I could not heal without facing all my “programming” and the beliefs no longer serving me. One of the first memories I have from this journey was when I identified my “recipe for an invincible, joyful life” - this recipe needs three core ingredients: creative expression + compassionate living + aligned community. After six intense months of inner work, the first and only thing I wanted coming into 2021 was an artistic community and a vessel to express the boiling creative energy within me. An ah-ha moment during Creative Alchemy came through dialoguing with my “Imposter Guard”. My higher self came out and reminded me that I do not ever need to fit into a box and that I am safe to trust my desires. I am whole and I am worthy being the integration of every part of what makes me, me. That power lies within me and it will continue to grow stronger the more I have the courage to share myself and my art with others.

Artist Bio

I am a multi-form creative; I call BS on limiting boxes. By day, as an Associate Documentary Film & Podcast Producer, I hone the craft of telling stories that drive empathy and authentic connection. By night, my inner artist emerges through painting, writing, and dancing. Whatever the medium, art to me is about honesty. In all my creations, I encourage myself and others to dive deeper into ourselves and to expand our consciousness.