Children's Book

California Dreamin' with Grammy and Pops

Project Description

'California Dreamin’ with Grammy and Pops' is a feel-good children’s story for anyone who has ever missed their faraway family and longed for somewhere else. Follow Elliot the Cub’s wishful journey through the beautiful landscapes of California and get lost amongst the colorful fun!  

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My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

As a new mother, and expat living abroad, I took to writing and illustrating a children’s book as a means of coping with the loneliness and isolation of 2020 days. Drawing colorful and dreamy landscapes became my creative salve; a way to process the everyday longing for faraway places, family, and friends. As time went by, I discovered millions of others experiencing that same homesickness and heartache and wanted to alchemise that universal hurt into a positive, feel-good story for little wanderers everywhere. At a time when children (and parents!) are experiencing more and more feelings of fear and uncertainty, I want my illustrations and stories to spark joy, encourage curiosity, and instill a sense of adventure, while creating a safe space for little wanderers with big hearts and strong imaginations.

Artist Bio

Shannon is a writer, illustrator, and enthusiastic dreamer with an insatiable wanderlust spirit. Inspired by color, community, and joyful travel, she creates stunning storybooks for little wanderers.