Between Light and Shadows

Project Description

The gallery of photos is a glimpse into the spectrum of my work. On one hand, I use the mediums of film and photography to portray the beauty, dynamics, and lessons that the fleeting nature of light and shadows in our world can teach us about our own human nature. On the other hand, I have included a calligraphy piece I created inspired by my long time admiration for the traditional style, artwork and composition of Arabic and Persian cultures and sacred Scriptures.

Follow my IG page @shirinesma\_ for more multi-medium art and for shadow photography and stories (and submit your own!) at the project link below.

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

We should and can allow ourselves to surrender! When we detach ourselves from end results and the illusion of ''perfection'', we are able to listen to what life is already trying to tell us. This act of letting go doesn't mean we do not care or that we fall prey to doing anything half-heartedly, but it does mean we get to play more, wonder more and in that process, offer a little bit more of our authentic heart to others. And as our hearts are flung open to the infinite possibilities and we SHARE our art, others' hearts will almost inevitably open too! I hope this magic continues to manifest in my creative expressions but also this probably applies to everything else in life- from work and career, to love and relationships, and whatever else we dream of.

Artist Bio

A half Salvadoran, half Persian artist and scientist seeking beauty in all things. Her creative expression and work ranges from music, to dance, film, photography, calligraphy and poetry. Currently based in Washington, DC.