Tarot Deck

The Spirical Tarot: a Trauma-Informed Tarot Deck

Project Description

The Spirical Tarot is a trauma-informed tarot deck that uses the structure of tarot to explore the spiral-like process of our psychological development, and the impact of trauma on our lives. If you're recovering from trauma and want to explore the protective patterns you created that once kept you safe, but now keep you separate; if you're a tarot user who wants to explore a psychologically-themed deck; or if you're curious about using symbol and metaphor to reveal your inner mysteries - then this deck is for you. Find out more at traceylynnfisher.com

My Creative Aha! moment

The one important aha! moment I've had in my creative process of this project is:

One of my favorite healing practices is using tarot cards. I've worked with several decks over the years but none were quite right for me - so I began compiling my own personal meanings for the cards, and then sketching card images that matched them. My "a-ha!" moment was realizing that I was actually in the process of creating my own unique tarot deck. This was an exciting moment: to be in the creative flow, to imagine that this deck could become a valuable tool not just for me, but for anyone recovering from trauma... and I was also terrified that my fears and doubts would take over, that I couldn't bring my vision to life. Luckily it was just at this critical point that I found the Creative Alchemy program - and the support of Amber Rae and this community is inspiring me to turn this spark of an idea into a reality!

Artist Bio

Based in Northern California, Tracey has been interested in tarot and psychology for many years, specifically in the intersection between the rational and the intangible. Tracey was inspired to create The Spirical Tarot as a tool to support her healing from early trauma. She is passionate about helping people reexamine limiting core beliefs, and move from feeling trapped to having choice. Trained as a social worker, this is her first tarot deck.