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A 30-day GUIDED Journey

Anxious? Overwhelmed? Scared? Hopeful? Whatever you’re feeling, you’re not alone. We've all experienced upheaval we didn't see coming. But in the midst of uncertainty and change, we have a beautiful opportunity to reflect and transform.

If you’re looking for guidance in navigating your emotions and staying centered, I invite you to join this free 30-day journaling journey. I’ll send a daily email with a reflection prompt or journaling exercise. All you need is pen and paper to begin. We're in this together.

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Thank you for journaling with me.

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How are you feeling?

“Still processing and orienting to this new normal.”
“Frightened by the unknown.”
“Reminded of what matters.”
“Embarrassed that I made light of this all just a week ago.”

You're not alone.

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About me

I'm Amber Rae.

I'm so glad you're here. My romance with journaling began as a kid, with a locked journal that I hid beneath my bed. It was a safe space to explore what was stirring inside of me.

Writing in the presence of strong emotions helped me gain perspective. Being brave on the page helped me be courageous in real life. Telling myself the honest truth set me free.

When I showed up to the page, my journal showed up for me tenfold, offering a direct access point to my innermost needs and desires. Today, it’s still the heartbeat of my self-awareness and discovery practice—and the most important ritual I have.

That's why I'm thrilled to be guiding you in these especially uncertain times—to help still your mind and bring forth the jewels that are hidden within you.

Ready to begin?


Rules of Engagement

Your journal isn’t a place to be perfect. It’s a safe space to be exactly who you are.

Tears & swear words are encouraged.
Whatever you're feeling is valid & okay.
Honesty on the page leads to courage IRL.
The rules are yours. Follow what feels right.
Everything You Need to Know

What if I'm new to this journaling thing?

I’m so glad you’re here. This journey is made for beginners, dabblers and seasoned journalers. If you can write, you can journal. If you want a practice that helps you feel more connected with yourself, you’re in the right place. All you need is pen and paper to begin.

What if I miss the start date?

Any day is a good day to start journaling. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to all previous prompts and exercises—so you can walk through your practice at your own pace.

What if I miss a day?

Most people miss a day. It’s okay. Start again. The point of this isn’t to make you feel bad. It’s to help you create a practice that feels good for you.

Can I use a different prompt than the one you send out?

This is your journey so do your thing. The rules here are made up. I'm sharing different techniques, tools, and questions that have worked for me. If one of the prompts doesn't feel timely or resonate for you, that's okay. An important rule of thumb: Write what feels right.

How long do you recommend journaling for?

My most powerful journaling moments happen when I lose track of time completely and write until I feel complete. That said, if you desire structure, I suggest carving out as few as five minutes and up to an hour. Start with the amount of time that feels doable for you, and increase that over time as your desire for discovery grows.

What time of day is best to journal?

This is personal preference. I know people who prefer to journal as soon as they wake before grabbing their phones (like me). I know others who prefer it as a ritual at the end of the day. And I also know people who write whenever it feels right. While journaling at the same time every day can be useful in establishing a habit, I'm curious: what time of day do you feel would work best for you? Try that on. Experiment until you find the flow that works best for you.

What is the best format for my journal?

Personally, I'm a stickler for analog because something magical happens when my pen hits the paper. That said, this is your practice and I wouldn't want anything to stop you from getting started. I know people who really enjoy and prefer writing on their phone or computer, so I turn it back to you: what format feels better for you?

What if I feel resistance and fear about journaling?

In the words of author Steven Pressfield, “The more important a call or action is to our soul's evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” It’s okay to feel resistance and fear. It’s a signal that treasures await you.

What if I have trouble staying consistent?

Focus on one day at a time. Start small with five minutes. Try combining journaling with a ritual you already have, like morning coffee or an afternoon walk. If you miss a day, practice self-compassion and simply start again.

What if I can't find my daily emails?

Oh no! Let's get that fixed.
1. Check (and recheck) your spam! 90% of people with this problem found it in their spam or junk folder. Mark the email as "not spam."
2. Add to your address book or contacts folder.
3. If you never received a welcome email, there may have been a spelling error in your email. Try signing up again!
4. If you received one of the days but not all of the days, search your inbox for "Amber Rae" or ""
5. Still nothing? Email and we'll get you sorted. <3

How can I support this project?

Thank you for asking. Right now you can support this project by participating and telling friends who you feel would enjoy the journey. In April, I will be releasing a journal and other self-discovery magic that I can’t wait to tell you about.

Still need help? Contact me here.