Kind things people have said about my work + speaking:


“Amber Rae is the Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation.” — Stacy London

“Amber Rae is the Brené Brown of Wonder.” — Mind Body Green

“Amber Rae's very personal journey of moving from a constructed identity of self limiting beliefs to her true self offers inspiring insights and lessons for anyone wanting to unfold their infinite potential.” — Deepak Chopra

"Amber doesn’t just bring wisdom and insight to the stage—she brings meaning. My audience was moved by her talk, and many told me afterward that it helped them reflect on what matters most and how to achieve it." — Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief at Entrepreneur 


I was grateful to share the stage with
Serena Williams and Brené Brown at the
Watermark Conference for Women in 2019

Here’s what I heard:

“I LOVED Amber Rae. She was insightful, honest, helpful and non-judgmental. She was a breath of fresh air showing us all how to breathe more. Well done! Bring her back. Her topic is timely and well needed.”

“Amber was an excellent presenter who got real about the monsters that hide in our heads telling us that we are not enough and to be afraid. She shared strategies for how to turn those monsters into messengers.”

“I have to be honest. Initially I sat down and when Amber Rae took the stage, I thought to myself, "Oh my, she's so young (I'm in my early 50's) and what can she tell me that I don't already know?" Well, within a few minutes of her speaking I quickly had a shift in my opinion. She was awesome, so energetic, positive and inspiring. I enjoyed her entire presentation.”


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