Calling all soulful creators. Let's birth your creative project—together.
January 11 - March 20, 2021
Calling all soulful creators. Let's birth your creative project—together.

Is there a book you want to write?
An art series you ache to make?
A company you dream to start?
Or a vision that you can't shake?

Creative Alchemy is a live 10-week creative workshop & sacred collective devoted to bringing forth the projects that are near & dear to our hearts.

Not someday. Today.  
Not alone. Supported.
Not rushed. Sacred.
Not because you have to.
Because you’re called to.

Creative Alchemy (n.)
The messy and magical process of digging deep within to honor a creative calling. A transformative journey designed to reveal courage, wisdom, and unique gifts.

What is creative alchemy?

It’s time to wake up the magic within you.

Let’s be honest. 2020 was wild. Plans changed & priorities shifted. The things that matter most became even more clear.

If you're ready to make meaningful progress on a creative dream, Creative Alchemy is designed to guide you through every step of the creative process—the mess, the magic, the breakdown, the breakthrough—so that those beautiful gifts inside of you are fully expressed.

Imagine how it will feel to listen to and act on the call that’s tugging at your heart. Imagine what’s possible when you trust your knowing, dig for inner gold & let creativity flow—not in isolation, but in community.

That is the guiding light of this journey.

The Intention

Let’s face it—the creative process can feel lonely & isolating.

Self-doubt, perfectionism, second-guessing, trying to do it all yourself, asking “who tf am I do this?!”… I know it. I get it. I’ve felt it and been there. Unearthing and birthing your soul work is a process. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my creative journey—and in the journeys I’ve had the honor of guiding over the years—it’s this:

Having support, mentorship & accountability can mean the difference between your gifts staying locked inside & seeing the light of day.

Who it's for

Wherever you’re at in your creative journey—you belong here.

The "Maybe Someday" Creator

There’s an idea inside of you dying to be born—but you keep putting it off to someday. Fear, self-doubt, or “can I actually pull this off?” have stalled you—but with support & accountability, you’re ready to *deep breath* take the leap.

The Curious Creator

You know you're called to create—but you don't yet know what to create, or which idea to give your attention to. You feel a yearning to connect more deeply with your creative self & you're looking for support in clarifying where to channel your energy.

The Confident Creative

You have skills & confidence in what you’re creating—but know there’s more inside of you to tap into. You're ready to reach new depths in your work & want to be guided to places that you haven’t been able to access on your own.

What's Inside
Creative Alchemy

A Personalized Journey

A kick-off questionnaire at the start of the journey gathers your creative needs & desires—so this journey meets you where you are & takes you where you want to go.

10 Live Weekly Creative Workshops & Assignments with Amber

Every week for 10 weeks, we meet live as a group for 60 minutes on Tuesdays at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm CET / 7am AEDT (the next day, on Wednesdays). Our first live call is on January 19. Each week will have a core teaching and exercise to unlock & unblock your creativity so that in those 60 minutes, you are making progress on your project or intention, alongside the community. Following each call, there will be follow-up assignments for you to explore that lesson and theme in more depth plus a private membership space to share, connect & grow with the community. If you can't make a call, no worries. Recordings will be available and you'll have lifetime access to them.

2 Group Q&A Calls with Amber

Receive live, real-time support & guidance from me, and learn through other people’s questions.

Collective of Soulful Creatives

Create & evolve alongside like-minded creative peers who are on the journey with you.

Weekly Check-in with Accountability Ally

Based on creative needs & strengths—as well as your projects, goals & time zone—we’ll pair you with a creative partner to check-in with weekly throughout the program. We'll share best practices to help you make the most out of the relationship.

1 Live Masterclass with Amber’s Creative Mentor

Learn from a masterful creator & one of the inspiring guides in my life.

Sacred Digital Space

Gain lifetime access to a supportive community space off of social media to swap tips, inspo & input—and to cultivate your creative courage.

Digital Alchemy Exhibition

At the end of the journey, I'll curate a "digital exhibition" for you to share your project, or a piece of it. This will be shared to my email list and community—with the aim of celebrating your progress and providing more exposure to your creativity and work.

VIP Add-on: 1-on-1 Clarity Call with Amber (Limited Spots)

Receive 60-minutes of personalized support & strategy around your creative project. 

Inspired by my own creative path and experience guiding thousands of creators, each week combines creativity teachings, clarity exercises, a safe space to unblock & unlock—as well as assignments to deepen your practice and free your gifts.


The 10-Week Alchemy Journey

The serpent—a symbol of creative life force—inspires our three-part transformation:

Part 1: Shed

Before Your Journey
Jan 11
Answer the creative call

A pre-journey exercise to locate clarity, remove distractions & create constraints—so you can show up as a clear channel.

Week One
Jan 19
Connect to the soul of your project

Learn to access your inner wisdom & shift from creator to co-creator—bringing greater ease & trust to your creative journey.

Week Two
Jan 26
Transform Creative Guards into Guides

Learn my go-to techniques for making friends with inner critics & creative saboteurs—so that they become allies & guides in your creative process.

Week Three
Feb 02
alchemize your inner world (Q&A Call)

Submit your questions in advance & receive live, real-time support & guidance from me—and learn through other people’s questions.

Part 2: Reawaken

Week Four
Feb 09
Call in the muse

Learn how to prepare your sacred space, invite in the muse & create a listening ritual with your creative guides—cracking open an infinite well-spring of inspiration & flow.

Week Five
Feb 16
Mine for inner treasure

Uncover the gold in your life story—revealing new ways to weave vulnerability & your personal “Why” into your self-expression.

Week Six
Feb 23
listen to life

Learn to tap into the deepest wells of your intuition, interpret dreams, notice synchronicity & spot clues—so you can access higher guidance as you chart your unique course.

Week Seven
March 02
cultivate self-trust (masterclass)

Join an interactive call with a special guest and personal mentor of Amber—for potent words on body wisdom, creating with integrity & honoring the still, small voice that lives within.

Part 3: Reveal

Week Eight
March 09
frame your gift

Learn how to frame what you’re creating in terms of why it’s meaningful for you & the world—bringing magnetism & urgency to your project.

Week Nine
March 16
cultivate creative courage (q&a call)

Submit your questions in advance & receive live, real-time support & guidance from me—and learn through other people’s questions.

Week Ten
March 23
free your gift

Learn to move beyond the control, perfectionism & fear that can arise when revealing your gifts—so that you pursue your creative callings with heartful intention.  

Closing the Journey
March 27
Digital Alchemy Exhibition

Share your project, or a piece of it, in our digital exhibition—an event I'll share with my community to celebrate your progress & bring exposure to your work.

the fine print
Live video calls are at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm CET / 7am AEDT on Tuesdays & are 60 minutes long

These are with you, me, and the rest of the Alchemy family. Join the meeting from anywhere in the world. Show up exactly as you are. If you can’t make a call—recordings will be available within 24 hours.


This isn't your standard course.

Can I be real with you? I’ve never successfully finished an online course. I've signed up for programs that have left me wondering, "this is it?" One-size-fits-all blueprints rarely meet my needs & instead make me feel like another number in a business machine. Maybe you can relate?

Here's how we do things differently around here.
I'll keep it real & make it personal

Think: less highly scripted & more heart-to-heart. Less videos and emails created months in advance & more live workshops catered to your journey and needs. Designed to work with creativity, not against it.

I'll bring you into my world

Over the 10 weeks, not only will I share proven approaches for quieting your mind, awakening the wisdom that only you can hear, and having the courage to free your gifts—but I will bring you into my world, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process.

I'm doing it with you

That’s right. I’ll be embarking on a soul project of my own… my next book. (The one that I’m super nerve-cited to write.) This way, I’ll be in the trenches with you—guiding you to befriend the inner critic, tackle perfectionism, embrace the mess & find that sweet, sweet flow—as it’s happening real-time for me, too.

This is how we keep things honest & real.
About amber

I’m a multi-passionate creator who lives for the messy, magical & mystical creative process. Words and visuals are my medium. Ideas are my lovechild. Moving from blank canvas to existing-in-real-life is what gives me life. I learned my creative & entrepreneurial skills from my Momma, my brand & storytelling chops working with Apple & Seth Godin, my emotional & psychological lens through years of self-study, and my voice & courage through a whole lot of experiments—which led me home to myself. I’ve birthed global art movements, life accelerator programs, bestselling books, talks at TED, Microsoft and Kate Spade, and tools that awaken your sense of wonder. My role on this journey is to be a mirror, catalyst & guide—fiercely devoted to your voice, power & unique gifts.

I've been featured in

A Few Highlights

International Bestselling Author
I'm the bestselling author of Choose Wonder Over Worry, which has been translated into five languages.
Mentored 3000+ Creatives
I've guided thousands of creators to unlock their creativity & courageously express their gifts through my methods & teachings.
Global Artist
My public art has spread to 20 countries & my fine art has been featured in galleries alongside Banksy and Shepard Fairey.
Deepak Chopra
Best Selling Author
"Amber Rae offers inspiring insights and lessons for anyone wanting to unfold their infinite potential."
Stacy London
New York Times bestselling author of
The Truth about Style
"Amber Rae is the Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation."
Steven Pressfield
New York Times bestselling author of The War of Art
“The boldest invitation of all: to be your truest self and pursue the calling that is yours and yours alone."
New York Times bestselling author of The War of Art
"Amber Rae is determined to help people tap into their creativity."
New York Times bestselling author of The War of Art
“Amber doesn’t just bring wisdom and insights—she brings meaning.”

Love notes from creatives like you

“Amber has been my creative fairy godmother for over ten years, sprinkling wonder dust on my creativity and emotional growth. She inspires and coaxes me to reveal my authentic self, to explore the sometimes scary depths of emotions that life, creative work and following our purpose can bring up.”

Alexia Pinchbeck, Children's Author & Illustrator

"Amber Rae is the leading creative voice of our generation. She's the person I turn to when I’m stuck or have a creative project that I’m trying to unleash. Her advice, energy and wisdom are worth every dollar. Working with Amber is like standing under a waterfall of creative energy and flow: you know it’s going to be powerful and you know it’s going to take you where you need to go."

Smiley Poswolsky, 3x Author & International Speaker

“Amber is the catalyst that ignites a spark in your soul and reminds you of what you’re really made of. She will shake you out of stuckness—and into the life you deeply desire. Amber gives you heart-centered frameworks, tools & exercises to take you from where you are to the life you’ve been dreaming about living. All of a sudden, “someday” becomes “NOW.”

Melissa Joy Kong, Writer & Entrepreneur

“In the time since my fist call with Amber, I’ve landed two clients (one on a six-month retainer), a monthly column with a high-volume online publication within my niche, and an invaluable toolbox of strategies and techniques to grow my business. Amber is worth the investment—tenfold.”

Shannon Lohr, Sustainable Fashion Advocate & Founder of Factory45

“Amber Rae is calming and electrifying. She’s an approachable beacon of light, living her truth, and she desperately wants the same for you, too.”

Valerie Biberaj,
Writer & Former Director of the Kate Spade & Company Foundation


Are you ready to answer the call?

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Creative Alchemy VIP

Get the classic experience plus a 60-minute 1-on-1 call with Amber at any point in your journey. Clarify your soul work, move beyond blocks, or explore whatever is of highest service to you.

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