The Feelings Journal

Find Your Way Through Your Emotions
• 101 reviews

A safe space to navigate your emotions. This guided journal helps you name what you're feeling, understand what your emotions are trying to tell you, and find clarity & healing on the page.  

  • Get guidance into 28 common emotions
  • 3-6+ months of no-pressure, undated journaling space
  • Even on busy days, engage in meaningful emotional exploration in just a few minutes
  • A step-by-step system guides you to unpack big feelings & reframe thoughts so you can feel better
  • Track aha! moments to see your learning, growth & healing over time 
  • Undated journal, lasts 3-6+ months
  • 256 pages of 120 gsm cream paper for a smooth writing experience
  • Hardcover, bound in all natural, 100% linen fabric, with flat-lay binding
  • Two satin ribbon bookmarks
  • Measures 5.83” x 8.27”
  • Created in Topanga, designed in Atlanta & published in Toronto by an all women team
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Bundle & Save

Buy 2 journals, get a digital journaling workshop with Amber to connect more deeply with yourself.
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NAME how you feel or want to feel

  • Get guidance into 28 common emotions, such as angry, anxious, ashamed, disappointed, or calm, clear, grateful & present.

Navigate tricky emotions

  • Discover why the emotion is showing up & what it wants you to know
  • Explore guided prompts to find clarity, healing & wisdom

Tap into desired states

  • Use mantras to calm the mind & shift your state
  • Explore guided prompts to find clarity, healing & wisdom

Journal with your feelings

  • 3-6+ months of no-pressure, undated journaling space to explore prompts at your own pace
  • Annotate the margin to highlight what's important

unpack big feelings

  • When you feel emotionally overwhelmed, turn to this step-by-step system to unpack how you're feeling & reframe unhelpful thoughts

track your Aha! Moments

  • Create an organized index of your epiphanies and healing insights
  • Note themes to connect revelations to a specific area of your life

Few are as skillful at leveraging the power of journaling to engage with emotions as Amber Rae.

Deepak Chopra
Ryder Carroll, Creator of The Bullet Journal

Inner work can feel hard. The feelings Journal makes it enjoyable.

It's proven that using a journal to explore your inner world helps to reduce anxiety, regulate emotions, and boost well-being. But blank pages are daunting, and facing your feelings can feel intimidating. The Feelings Journal offers gentle guidance with science-backed tools in a beautiful package—making "doing the work" a pleasurable process.

A TOOl to befriend your emotions.

Many of us learned to push away our so-called negative emotions and focus on the positive. But emotions aren't good or bad; they're neutral messengers, signaling to us the state of our inner world. The Feelings Journal helps you engage with your feelings on the page, so you can take aligned action and move toward inner peace.

A journal practice without the pressure.

Have you ever bought a journal, barely used it, and then felt like you failed before you ever really began? With The Feelings Journal, you don’t need to journal at the same time every day to get the most out of the practice. Use it at your own pace, when you need an emotional check-in.  

A proven system, approved by therapists & used by thousands.

The Feelings Journal has supported thousands of people to pinpoint and process their emotions, gain insight into their thought patterns and triggers, and transform their lives—and now you can, too. 

Community reviews

What others are saying

Vienna Pharaon, LMFT

@mindfulmft, Author of The Origins of You

"The Feelings Journal is an invitation to explore your feelings more intimately, but designed in a way that actually makes you want to do it. Every detail is intentional—from what it looks like, to how it feels, to how it guides you with ease and gentleness. This is the journal that makes all non-journaling people want to journal. Probably the greatest compliment I can give."

“The emotional support buddy I never knew I needed but have always searched for.”

Jobeth-Marie P.

"The most valuable thing I've ever bought for myself."

Laura R.

“A brilliant and intelligent tool. I remember the moment I found the journal and thought, HOLY SH*T! This brings all the psychological ideas together and makes exploring our emotions fun and approachable. I recommend it all the time.”

Dagny D.
Britt Frank, LSCSW, SEP

Therapist & Author of The Science of Stuck

"Journaling is a powerful tool for mood management and self-exploration, but many journals are either too open-ended or too directive, leaving people feeling overwhelmed by blank pages or guilty for not “doing it right."

The Feelings Journal is a safe, supportive, and flexible way to begin—or expand—your journaling practice. I would highly recommend this powerful tool and will definitely be sharing with my clients!"

"Amber Rae is the only non-therapist who creates stuff I give to my clients."

Rachel Wright, psychotherapist

“The Feelings Journal helps me sort out my BIG feelings in between therapist appointments."

Jessica G.

“When I look back at the pages, it feels like I’ve discovered gold.”


"I've noticed myself getting envious of friends starting their own businesses. Using the envy prompts felt like divine timing and support."

Morgan S.

"I had a rough day with work and was feeling very insecure. I dove into the journal and wow. I felt my heaviness lift right away. I was about to carry that feeling around all day, but not with this journal."

Rachel B.

"I can't even begin to describe the place this journal has in my life already. I'm so grateful. I can't stop recommending it to everyone I know."

Avianna M.

"This journal has been such an important part of my healing journal. The questions open up my inner world that I, at times, try to avoid for fear of what will come spilling out. It's been so good, curious, and essential for my growth."


"This journal changed my life, and I'm not being dramatic. I realized I was gay and I came out to my friends and family."

Christine L.

"This journal is AMAZING. It helped me discover that I'm afraid that if I stop working, I'll cease to be of value. After a hearty discussion with this emotion, I realized it's time I learn to unwind the mind and allow myself to rest in stillness."

Kaylee M.

"I discovered this year how helpful journaling is for my mental health, but this journal takes it to a whole new level."

Jen L.

“Seriously a game changer. I’ve gone through SOOO many journals/techniques and this is my favorite so far.”

Sam C.

"It's only my first day of using this journal, but I've already cried tears of relief for something I've been holding inside for far too long."

Jenna K.

"I have such a hard time pinpointing what I'm feeling, and this journal has helped me tenfold. I went to therapy and was like "THIS! This is what I want to talk about." Even my therapist was impressed by my newfound level of awareness. And, I got so much more out of the session."

Alexia O.

"I've been feeling a lot of anxiety and self-doubt and this journal has helped me so much. It's amazing what comes out when you take even a few minutes to answer the prompts."

Rebekah R.

“This journal has the smartest design I’ve ever seen. I love the concept of identifying the emotion and then having the insight and prompts right there. I’ve added so many personal notes.”

Melinda M.

"This journal helps me reconnect with my intuition and listen to myself deeply. I'm so grateful."

Harper B.

"I've been putting off a conversation with myself for a long time. This journal helped me understand why, and then figure out what to do about it. Life-changing is an understatement."

Elyse V.

"The moment I received the journal, I flipped to anger because I feel angry a lot, and wow. I'm blown away with the prompts, especially "if anger has a voice of its own, who does it remind me of?" So insightful.


"I've been trying to break out of a writing rut for months, and this has been the most impactful tool!"

Lauren P.

"I have my first week of on-call (legit 24 hours a day for 7 days straight) for my family and children services job. This journal has been my saving grace, literally keeping me sane."

Kaitlyn O.

"My journal keeps me grounded in the craziness of life. I thought it would take a ton of time to get in touch with my emotions, but I'm always surprised at what comes out of me in a few minutes. This tool WORKS."

Alicia D.

"I keep this journal at my bedside and use it every day. Such a game changer."

Chantel W.

"The most thoughtful design. This journal makes taking care of me so much easier."

Stephanie J.

"I've been dealing with a lot of work anxiety, and as someone who always learned to push anxiety away, I have to say, this journal really helps. I'm able to see how anxiety is often just trying to help me and get my attention."

Brittney R.

"Oh my. This journal is AMAZING. I never knew it could be so easy to let afraid parts of me feel loved and seen. Highly recommend."

Layla C.
Meet the Creator

hey, I’m Amber Rae

Photo of Amber RaeA photo of Amber Rae

The Feelings Journal is the culmination of 15+ years of emotional inquiry & research, hundreds of workshops I've led with brands like Kate Spade, Microsoft & Lululemon, and an ongoing dialogue with my community about cultivating emotional well-being.

As an avid journaler, I couldn't find a tool that made inner work intuitive & approachable—so I created one. For the last decade, I have used these practices to connect with my own inner world, to calm myself in times of chaos, and to befriend my own emotions.

I hope The Feelings Journal supports you to cultivate a kinder, more curious, and compassionate relationship with your emotional world.

get your journal

There's more than one way to get on the page.

The Feelings Journal: Digital

Get a portable version of the journal, so it's always with you.

The Feelings Journal

Get the beloved tool that’s a wise friend, guiding you back to yourself.

Bundle & Save

Buy 2 journals, get a free digital journaling workshop with Amber on Zoom.


Is The Feelings Journal the same as The Wonder Journal?

Yes! The Wonder Journal is now titled The Feelings Journal—with updated tools that are even more effective, comforting, and backed by science. You’ll find the same structure you know and love, with a more elevated look and feel. The journal is bound in a high-quality natural linen cover, there are more comforting messages throughout, plus updated tools. In other words: it’s a new & improved version of The Wonder Journal.

Can you tell me more about the live journaling workshop?

When you purchase the journal & live workshop bundle, you'll get free access to a digital journaling workshop with Amber. In this guided workshop, Amber will guide you to find clarity, wisdom & truth on the page. She'll walk you through the powerful techniques, systems, and tools within The Feelings Journal that can help you name, process, and move through your emotions.

When? January 11, 2024 @ 12pm PT / 3pm ET
Where? On Zoom.
Can’t make it live? No worries, you’ll get the recording.
Gifted the journal & want to invite a friend? Send along your invite!

How long does shipping take?

Journals will ship in December and take 7-10 business days domestically with USPS. Once your journal has been processed and shipped, you’ll be notified by email with a tracking number. 

Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide. Shipping times vary depending on your location, and may be subject to duties, fees, and import taxes upon delivery. Please check in with your country’s customs office to determine if there are any additional costs prior to purchasing.

As you may notice, our international shipping costs are fairly expensive right now, which we're actively working on lowering. If shipping costs are prohibitive, we have a digital version of the journal available for $25.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! Whether you’re a company looking to gift our journals to your team, a therapist’s office looking to support your clients with our tools, or an individual or community hoping to share the love, if you want to purchase 10+ copies, we’ll help you save on your purchase. 

For 10 - 40 copies, use the discount code THANKYOU at check out for 10% off.

For 40+ copies, please email detailing your bulk order request, and we'll be in touch.

Can I make changes to my order?

You have 24 hours from when your order is placed to change or cancel your order. Because we process orders quickly, we can't cancel or change your order after 24 hours. Email customer care at with the following information to ensure a prompt reply: your order number, full name, best method of contact, and the changes you are looking to make.

Can I track my order?

As soon as you place an order, you'll receive a confirmation email. You'll get a second email with a tracking number once your order has shipped. Can’t find it? Check your spam or promotions folder. Still can't find it? Email customer care at, and we'll be happy to help.

How do I join the live journaling workshop?

As soon as you place an order, you'll receive a email called “The Feelings Journal: The Digital Workshop." Inside you’ll find a link to watch the digital workshop with Amber. Can’t find it? Check your spam or promotions folder. Still can't find it? Email customer care at, and we'll be happy to help.

What is your return policy?

We're happy to issue an exchange or refund for products returned within 7 days of being received. The item must be undamaged, unused, in mint condition, and returned in the original resealable bag. Please note, we are unable to refund shipping charges and we don't cover return shipping costs. Please email to start your return.

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