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Learn signature techniques and revelatory prompts to get in touch with the most important thing in your life: your true self.

My top 3 journaling methods to unlock your inner truths

Use my journaling techniques and prompts to quiet the noise and awaken the answers within you.

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Find Emotional Clarity

tHE feelings journal

This no-pressure, easy-to-use guided journal is like a wise friend who guides you back to yourself. Pinpoint what you’re feeling, uncover what your emotions are trying to tell you, and get clarity on how to feel better. 

The Feelings Journal, previously called The Wonder Journal, returns by popular demand on November 15.

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Photo of Amber Rae

Go Deeper

live 90-minute journaling workshop

When we create the space to connect with and hear ourselves—to give ourselves our full presence, to speak the honest truth, to come into our own alignment—we begin to create a life by design, not by default.

In this 90-minute journaling workshop, I'll guide you through a series of prompts to help you tap into your wise truth & knowing.

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Smiley Poswolsky

"Amber Rae is the leading creative voice of our generation. She's the person I turn to when I’m stuck or have a writing project that I’m trying to unleash. Her advice, energy and wisdom are worth every dollar. Working with Amber is like standing under a waterfall of creative energy and flow: you know it’s going to be powerful and you know it’s going to take you where you need to go."

Smiley Poswolsky

Smiley Poswolsky, 3x Author & International Speaker
Steven Pressfield

“Amber offers the boldest invitation of all: to be your truest self and pursue the calling that is yours and yours alone."

Steven Pressfield

New York Times bestselling author of The War of Art
Whitney Bolster

“After 10 years of staring at a blank page, Amber unlocked my writing life again. Our 1:1 sessions gave my story rails that allowed me to build momentum and regain confidence. Amber’s feedback is both incisive and encouraging, in so many ways she gave me back to myself as a writer and human. Best investment I’ve made in a very long time with so much to show for it.”

Whitney Bolster

CEO of Ampersand
Heather Zara

Working with Amber was one of the best career decisions I've made to date. She is a powerful conduit of creativity, a wizard with words, and is a strategic force that intuitively knows how to bring a vision to life. Amber helped me get the ideas, concepts, and desires that were swirling in my mind for years into something alive and actionable. If you get the chance to work with her, do it.”

Heather Zara

Director, Storyteller & Founder of Zara Creative
Melissa Joy Kong

“Amber is the catalyst that ignites a spark in your soul and reminds you of what you’re really made of. Amber gives you heart-centered frameworks, tools & exercises to take you from where you are to the life you’ve been dreaming about living. All of a sudden, “someday” becomes “NOW.”

Melissa Joy Kong

Writer & Entrepreneur
Derek Sivers

"Some rare people have a winning touch that gives you a feeling they're going to make a big difference. I've been around long enough to watch it come true every time. Amber is one of the rare ones, and everyone who's met her has felt it.”

Derek Sivers

Entrepreneur & Author of Anything You Want
Vienna Pharaon

The Feelings Journal is an invitation to explore your feelings more intimately, but designed in a way that actually makes you want to do it. Every detail is intentional, from what it looks like, to how it feels, and how it guides you with ease and gentleness. This is the journal that makes all non journaling people want to journal. Probably the greatest compliment I can give.

Vienna Pharaon

LMFT, Bestselling author of "The Origins of You"
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