Harness the wisdom of your emotions in a 6-week guided course, led by Amber Rae


Through such an unsettling time, let’s feel our feelings together—and uncover the treasures within.


Your feelings aren’t the problem. They’re the wise messengers that light up the way.


What’s your current relationship with your emotions? How do you behave, when one of them surprises you out of the blue—and why? Make Friends With Your Feelings will help you learn to respond—rather than react—to everyday stressors.


Ever struggle pinpointing what you’re actually feeling—and why? You’ll learn to name and voice your emotions, so that you can speak & honor your truth—and create a better relationship with those close to you.


What if your emotions could be gifts that help you heal? Learn to hold space for your feelings—without judgment or shame. See them as your wise, honest, and compassionate friends—here to deliver guidance toward living as your authentic, whole self.


It’s one thing to invite our emotions in for tea and a chat. It’s another to let them move in with all their baggage and dirty laundry. You’ll learn practices for honoring your feelings—without letting them run the show.


For the LIVE and VIP program, Q&A video sessions will bring you direct guidance with me and a community on a similar journey. Enjoy course content with a more personal touch—designed for your unique journey of self-exploration.


What’s possible when you make friends with your feelings?

After I Made Friends

It’s safe to feel all emotions

There’s no such thing as a “negative” emotion; they’re neutral guides

Embracing, listening to & honoring emotions with curiosity & compassion

Approval comes from within & I create from a place of knowing my worth

Owning my gifts and sharing effortlessly; failure means I’m learning & growing

Loving myself unconditionally & living as my true authentic self

Before I Made Friends

Strong emotions mean something
is wrong with me

Emotions are good & bad; I should feel the positive & reject the negative

Numbing & avoiding emotions through overwork, alcohol, restrictive eating & other unhealthy behaviors

Looking to others for approval & attaching my self-worth to my accomplishments

Playing small and hiding my gifts out of fear of failure & judgment

Wearing masks and hiding my true self to avoid rejection & feeling too seen

What you'll get

Journey 1: DIY Course

6 Weekly playbooks that gently guide you to strengthen your relationship with your inner self—and in turn, transform the way you move through the world

Weekly challenges (invitations, really!) with journaling prompts, practices and discovery tools to help you exercise your muscle of emotional exploration

Beautifully designed, actionable & printable art, charts & frameworks

Some of the most valuable jewels of wisdom I’ve uncovered in the last decade through a whole lot of trial and error—all thoughtfully organized into your own 6-week adventure

Insights and tools from the wise healers and catalysts for change who’ve helped me on my own path

Surprise giveaways & the first chance to sign up for all future products and offerings

Journey 2: LIVE Course

Also Includes...

3 live Q&A community calls with me to dive deeper and get personalized guidance

Journey 3: VIP Course

Also Includes...

A 60-minute 1-on-1 clarity call to explore what's most pressing for you—and catalyze new possibilities in your life. Maybe you want to write a book, or find your voice & put it out there, or finally do that thing you can't stop thinking about. Let's make. it. happen.

What you won't get

No fluff—just the good stuff. I only share the proven frameworks and tools that have a track record of results.

No quick fixes. (I don’t believe in them.) This is the start of a life-long journey of creating a beautiful, honest and loving relationship with yourself.

No guilt or shame for not “keeping up.” Move at your own pace and celebrate it all—from the brave baby steps to the giant leaps of faith.

“Amber has been my creative fairy godmother for over ten years, sprinkling wonder dust on my creativity and emotional growth. She inspires and coaxes me to reveal my authentic self, to explore the sometimes scary depths of emotions that life, creative work and following our purpose can bring up.”

Alexia Pinchbeck, Children's Author & Illustrator

“Amber Rae’s journey of moving from a constructed identity of self limiting beliefs to her true self—in the domain of creativity, wonder, joy and higher consciousness—offers inspiring insights and lessons for anyone wanting to unfold their infinite potential.”

- Deepak Chopra

“Amber Rae is calming and electrifying. She’s an approachable beacon of light, living her truth, and she desperately wants the same for you, too.”

— Valerie Biberaj, Former Executive Director of the Kate Spade New York Foundation

“Amber doesn’t just bring wisdom and insight—she brings meaning. My audience was moved by her, and many told me afterward that it helped them reflect on what matters most and how to achieve it.”

— Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneur

We followed our feelings—and they led us to live our values.

Women-led, from start to finish

Created in Brooklyn,
designed in Venice Beach
& made sustainably in Toronto

Printed on 100% recycled, chlorine-free,
eco-friendly paper

Designed to encourage curiosity,
play & self-expression

Tools to help you
discover, heal & grow
Tools to help you
discover, heal & grow
Tools to help you
discover, heal & grow
DIY Course


If you’re the self-motivated type, the DIY version is designed for you to explore on your own, with plenty of guidance from me baked into the journey. Your program starts as soon as you enroll.

LIVE Course


If you’re looking for more personalized attention, and a community who’s on the journey with you, the LIVE version includes 3 Q&A community calls during the 6-week journey.

VIP Course


If you want 1-on-1 support and guidance, the VIP version includes a 60-minute emotional clarity call with me, in addition to the 3 Q&A community calls.

Try Make Friends With Your Feelings 100% Risk-free
It’s simple: If the playbooks, exercises and tools don’t make a difference in your life in 60 days, email me, show me that you’ve done the exercises, and I’ll refund you 100% of the purchase price.
About amber

Who’s this feelings queen guiding you on your journey?

Hey love, I’m Amber Rae. My deepest joy comes from guiding people—people like you—to move through the emotional knots that cloud your power, potential & purpose. I know from personal experience—and from guiding thousands in their own feelings journey—that when we transform our relationship with our emotions, it creates freedom and peace in our lives, and unlocks a world of possibilities in our work, creativity & relationships.


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