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The Wonder Journal:
A Guide to Explore Your Emotions
Limited First edition

A choose-your-own-adventure playbook for your self-discovery journey. Connect with your feelings to find clarity, unlock wisdom and illuminate a path to what you truly, deeply desire.

Envious when you scroll through the ‘gram?

A lack of presence in your relationships?

Anxious about the state of the world?

Grateful (and a tad guilty) that you’re safe & well?

Angry when someone violates your space?

Powerful when you speak your truth?

Insecure putting your ideas out there?

WHY Wonder journal

For the messy, the magical—and everything in between. Put it all on the page to find healing and wisdom.


Real talk: the answers aren’t out there; they’re in you. The Wonder Journal will guide you to quiet the noise and connect deeply with yourself, all to unlock a treasure trove of healing, growth & wisdom.


Anger. Anxiety. Envy. Sadness. Shame. What might they be trying to tell you? How are they here to help? The Wonder Journal will help you untie emotional knots to locate clarity and calm—so that you can show up fully to what matters most.


Want to call in calm, cultivate gratitude, or learn to trust yourself? Navigate to the right page and follow the prompts—or let your inner wisdom guide you to free flow.


Who you are is not who you learned to be. The Wonder Journal will guide you to explore the myths that stifle your potential and power. Unlearn these stories on the page, so that you can walk authentically and courageously through an ever-changing world.



I know journaling works, because I’m living, breathing proof.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my own feelings journey, and the thousands I’ve had the joy of guiding over the years, it’s that having a judgment-free space—where I can ask myself the hard questions, feel what’s there to feel, and play in possibility—is the difference between just getting by or coming alive. I created The Wonder Journal to help you navigate your emotions, capture your revelations, and live as your wisest, most powerful self.

Through all the noise of a busy world, turn to your Wonder Journal to…

Create a grounding morning ritual

Track emotional triggers

Catalog aha! moments

Explore & process challenging emotions

Dive deep & unlock inner truths

Express freely in a safe space

“Few are as skillful at leveraging the power of journaling to engage with emotions as Amber Rae.”

Ryder Carroll, Creator of The Bullet Journal

“Amber Rae’s very personal journey of moving from a constructed identity of self limiting beliefs to her true self—in the domain of creativity, wonder, joy and higher consciousness—offers inspiring insights and lessons for anyone wanting to unfold their infinite potential.”

- Deepak Chopra

“Amber Rae is calming and electrifying. She’s an approachable beacon of light, living her truth, and she desperately wants the same for you, too.”

— Valerie Biberaj, Former Executive Director of the Kate Spade New York Foundation

“Amber doesn’t just bring wisdom and insight—she brings meaning. My audience was moved by her, and many told me afterward that it helped them reflect on what matters most and how to achieve it.”

— Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Chief at Entrepreneur

“Amber has been my creative fairy godmother for over ten years now, sprinkling wonder dust on my own creativity and emotional growth. She inspires and coaxes me to reveal my authentic self, to explore the sometimes scary depths of emotions that life, creative work and following our purpose can bring up.”

- Alexia Pinchbeck, Children’s Author & Illustrator


What the community is saying about The Wonder Journal

Jobeth Marie P.

The emotional support buddy I never knew I needed but have always searched for.

Cynthia P.

As a therapist, your words & wisdom guide my work. I hear your voice in my head & heart as I help people navigate their emotional world.

- B


Alexia P.

Amber has been my creative fairy godmother for over 10 years, sprinkling wonder dust on my own creativity and emotional growth.

- C

I’ve been journaling for 20 years, and I’ve never journaled like this before.

- S

It feels almost like a mental health bullet journal.

- J

I'm inviting every client to buy one.

- E

OMG my therapist is going to send you flowers after this. I NEED THIS. 🌼

- C

I work with high school students and wouldn’t be as successful without this mindful practice.

- J

This is for me AND my kids!!!


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Buy the Wonder Journal & Daily Notepad and save $5 at checkout with the code BUNDLE

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